Our Priorities

Food Safety



Dixie Belle combines the latest technology in farming with generations of knowledge and experience in growing our premium Dixie Belle peaches. Our farm uses advanced technology in the field such as precision farming, GPS-guided machinery for planting, fertilizing and spray applications, computerized micro-jet irrigation and fertigation systems.

In Dixie Belle’s packing house, we’ve adopted an intricate cleaning and sanitation program to ensure the safety of every piece of produce that runs through our packing line. Each package of fruit is dated and lot coded to provide traceability from your grocery store back to the field the produce was harvested from. We also take the critical steps necessary to ensure our Dixie Belle produce leaves a low-carbon footprint by supplying local retail locations in and around the Eastern Coast.

We have a dedicated Food Safety Team that ensures all Dixie Belle employees are properly trained on cleaning procedures and safety protocols. Our team is committed to upholding all food-safety standards, both within the packing facility and farm.