Peaches Are What We Do

Peaches are king at Dixie Belle where we grow 3,000 acres of the sweetest and most delicious peaches you will ever bite into! Alongside our signature peach crop, we’ve expanded our strawberry acreage. We also grow other fruits and veggies in season!

Safe & Sustainable Farming

Safety and sustainability are top priorities at Dixie Belle. We maintain the highest standards and certifications, and our quality is second-to-none. When you purchase Dixie Belle products, you’re buying products of the highest quality, grown and packed at an enviromentally-friendly facility.


About Dixie Belle

Dixie Belle is a fourth-generation peach farm that stretches over the South Carolina counties of Edgefield, Saluda and Orangeburg. We take pride in our family farm, and the generations we’ve dedicated to providing you and your family with quality, homegrown peaches.